Review of Dialysis Days at London Grip

Hugo Williams skilfully uses poetry to convey the experience of recovery from prolonged illness

Hugo Williams

Hugo Williams Launch of Dialysis Days, October 11th 2018

New releases: Donald Gardner and Rosanne Wasserman

Grey Suit is pleased to announce its latest publications, Early Morning by Donald Gardner and Sonnets from Elizabeth’s by Rosanne Wasserman.

Grey Suit Reading Series: Kerry-Lee Powell, Fawzi Karim, and Alan Jenkins

Anthony's Birthday Special! Poetry at The Room, 33 Holcombe Road, Tottenham Hale, N17 9AS (at 7.30) Grey Suit Editions Reading by Kerry-Lee Powell, Fawzi Karim, and Alan Jenkins, hosted by Anthony Howell Alan Jenkins Alan Jenkins was born in Surrey…

Silent Highway

This October saw the launch of Grey Suit founder Anthony Howell’s twelfth collection of poetry, Silent Highway. Here’s an excerpt from a lovely by Phillip Clement published last week in Stride magazine: “These are elegant poems which demonstrate Howell's talent…

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image of Dialysis Days

Dialysis Days

Hugo Williams

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