GREY SUIT 1 – Launch at IKON, Birmingham

March 1 2014. 

The first gallery launch will showcase Grey Suit 1 and the chap-book publication of the poems of Fawzi Karim, Iraq’s most famous poet. There will be a video presentation of selections from that first  DVD - including Stuart Sherman's The Discovery of the Phonograph and Tony Hill's Waterwork.  Meanwhile an installation may  show Finnish performance artist Teemu Maki punishing himself every time he makes a mistake while reciting Samuel Beckett.  The evening will continue with readings by Anthony of his versions of the poems of Fawzi Karim.  This renowned poet will then read the originals in Arabic.  The evening will conclude with a video reading from Issue 1 by the late F.T. Prince – a UK poet much admired by John Ashbery.  This is the unique recording of his work.



We've uploaded Issue 1 of Grey Suit Video magazine from our archives. Click here to view the video

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