Grey Suit Video became one of the premier magazines showcasing art, film and performance in the 1990s. Artists featured on Grey Suit included Caroline Bergvall, John Ashbery and Stelarc. The videos have become a valuable repository of the late twentieth century avant garde. We are happy to offer the performances in full, issue by issue, at no charge to our viewers. Feel free to browse our catalogue.

Grey Suit #12

Issue 12 winter 1995: the crime issue

Open Closing Door. Impossible Theatre use animation to examine the relations between the criminal and victim, using the taped voices of the protagonists. 14 mins.

Let's Go Shopping. A prose piece by Canadian Kerry-Lee Powell describing the exhileration of credit card fraud. 6 mins.

Finger Burger. A short by French video artist, Paul Granjon. 100% beef? 2 mins.

Meat. Ian Williams presents a poetic use of text and image in an cannibalistic atmosphere of fear and paranoia. 11 mins.

Speed Zombie. Kim Hjorthoz, Karl Ramberg and Per Teljer from Trondheim, bathe in the gore-spattered cliches of classic slasher films. 5 mins.

Homage to Roussel. A performance by Anthony Howell. The formal techniques of Raymond Roussel applied to action appear to culminate perverse violence. 22 mins.

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