Grey Suit #8

Issue 8 winter 1994

Site-Ations Selection. Work shown at the international gathering of artists in performance and installation, held in Cardiff in autumn 1994. David Shepherd's smoking oil-drum ovens salute trains passing beneath a flyover; Sheji Shimoda from Japan performs a fantastic feat of stamina "On the Table", Gary Bristow's self-sawing branch pursues the inevitability of its practice. 20 mins.

Pale Black. A beautiful 16 mm film by Australian author/film-maker Marie Craven following the shadows of her dreams. 13 mins.

City Racing. An energetic kinetic installation by Clare Charnley, whose pistoning constructions were created in London in 1993. 4 mins.

Le Bruit de la Vriette. "The Noise of the Woodworm" an utterly enigmatic video by French artist Francois Vogel, recently on military service in Noumea, New Caledonia- distorted circularity becomes the landscape for revenge and its aftermath. 9 mins.

The Jitters. Cris Cheek, poetic master of crazy languages tumbling from a hot tongue gradually consumes the lettuce that illuminates his performance. 10 mins.

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