Grey Suit #9

Issue 9 spring 1995

The Title Role. Scintillating Hollywood-inspired video by performance artist Anne Seagrave. 6 mins.

Repast. Sexual tension over the dinner table by American video artist and poet Joseph Simas and Elodie Picquet. 8.5 mins.

Museum Pieces II. Video short Anne Griffin. 1 min.

Vivarium. Elegant video dance filmed by Australian Mahalya Middlemist and performed by Sue-ellen Kohler. 12.5 mins.

Poems. By avant garde northerner Peter Didsbury. 6 mins.

Nylon. An elegant video short by Lorraine Butler. 40 secs.

The Pink. Videographic innovation meshes with visual assault in a video by Rosalind Finch. 7.5 mins.

Gridlock. Tense images from a performance by Andre Stitt. 12 mins.

Fetishism. Artist and theorist Alasdair Peebles talking at Cardiff Art in Time. 7.5 mins.

The Hair or the Man. A clipped reaction to sensual image fetishism by Oladele Bamgboye. 10 mins.

I Will Survive. Dick Award winner by Sean Roe. 2 mins.

Berlin West. Linguistic coincidences by American Stuart Sherman. 7 mins.

Immoral Sonnets. Scandalous rhyming by Anthony Howell. 7 mins.

Suspension (Bridge). Luke McKeown hangs within his own installation. 4 mins.

Head Pieces "Revenge". Another video by Anne Griffin. 1 min.

Mbira Songs. Played by Zimbabwe's Queen of the thumb piano, Stella Chiweshe. 18 mins.


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