Grey Suit #10

Issue 10 summer 1995

Sit. A video short by concept artist Alan Currall- using the blackboard to draw the impossible. 2.5 mins.

Fallow Field. An account of a video installation mounted at the Royal Festival Hall, London, in 1994 by Lulu Quinn, Tony Sinden and Stan Steele, and featuring Major the shire horse. Ploughed furrows make a vivid contrast to the plate glass structures of the city. Video edited by Lulu Quinn. 20 mins.

Two Cow Poems. The first by Glaswegian Liz Lochead, the second by Australian Les Murray, both recorded in Cardiff on National Poetry Day 1994. 7 mins.

The Pisser. Richard Squires prolongs the agony until homeostasis is achieved through a cascade. 5 mins.

Lap. A second conceptual video by Alan Currall. 1 min.

Cuckoo. A Grey Suit archive special. This brilliant performance by Station House Opera was first performed in 1987. To the music of bowed cellos and sawn wardrobes, the company nail each other to the furniture and elevate the floor, proving that nothing is stable other than instability. 40 mins.

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