Grey Suit #7

Issue 7 autumn 1994

Passage a l'Acte. A 16 mm black and white film by prize-winning filmmaker Martin Arnold from Austria. Four people at the breakfast table, trapped by the pulsating repetitions of the editing table. 12 mins.

Cenotaph. Brilliant improviser Phil Minton, celebrated in jazz and new music circles, vocalises in a Cardiff pedestrian subway. Operatic notes vie with gutteral sounds and traffic noises. 4.5 mins.

Transmissions. Performer and theoriest Sarbjit Samra rails against funding bodies demanding positive images in a conservative framework when supporting ethnic issues. 5.5 mins.

Encore. English perofrmance artist Francesca Gore becomes the shimmering prow of a harp at an angle which generates a tremor of tension. 10 mins.

The Buladelah-Taree Holiday Song Cycle. Renowned Australian poet Les Murray reads a sequence based on an aboriginal poetic form. 18 mins.

Faint Clue. This is is one of five songs from the video album '8 Million" by award-winning American film and videomaker Abigail Child and musician Ikue Mori. 5.5 mins.

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