Grey Suit #1

Issue 1 spring 1993

The Critical Tirade. A regular feature of the magazine: an opportunity for critics, theorists etc. to vent their spleen about any matter that causes them aggravation. 3 mins

SHIT! A video by the German artist Kai Zimmer 'A (Federal) Chancellor's views and a young man's problems with constipation.' 3 mins.

My African Stool. Anna Petrie settles on her African Stool, but discovers it to be an unstable colonial perch! 3 mins.

Strambotti Variations. The renowned poet F.T. Prince, celebrating his eightieth year, reads love poems whose structure is based on that of Italian folk songs. Each strambotti tries to capture a moment in the experience of being in love. 4 mins.

The Discovery of the Phonograph. A video of a 16mm film by American sculptor/performer Stuart Sherman. The streets of NewYork serenade us. 6 mins.

Ohio Impromptu. This homage to the work of Samuel Beckett is created by the Finnish artist Teemu Maki. Here masochism may be conceived as penitence for love's failure- or perhaps simply as penalty for some misreading of the text. 13 mins.

Soldiers Bathing. This is one of F.T. Prince's most moving poems, written at the end of World War Two. Violence is contrasted with the fury of erotic love. 4 mins.

Water Work. 16mm film by renowned film-maker Tony Hill- exploring orientation, weightlessness on and below the surface of a swimming pool. 11 mins.


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