Grey Suit #2

Issue 2 summer 1993

The Critical Tirade. In this issue Jason Walsh argues against arts funding which favours 'minority' status. 4 mins.

Wide (of Growth and Diversion) Norwegian poet performer Caroline Bergvall reads, with slide dissolves by Christopher Hewitt and music by Michelle Chowrimootoo. The spoken text creates an aural palimpsest over images of text, images which merge with abstraction and sound. 3 mins.

Harissa. Video from Z Productions, based in Marseilles. "L'Harissa ca m'arrache le bec." Hot stuff! 3 mins.

Toilet and other poems read by Hugo Williams, Islington's master of the sardonic, whose column in the TLS is one reason not to flush it. 6 mins.

Copenhagen Suspension. The outstanding Australian body artist Stelarc suspended by 18 meathooks, above Copenhagen. Video from TVF, Denmark's avant garde distributors. Music by Michael Nyman. 14 mins.

Brioche. Video from Z Productions. "Recette traditionelle de la brioche au beurre et ce qui s'ensuite." Delicious. 3 mins.

Baustelle from Frigo- video group based in Lyons. A chain of workers create a rhythmic ballet as they build a house in New Delhi. 10 mins.

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