Grey Suit #5

Issue 5 spring 1994

Snig. An early 16 mm film by Jayne Parker which barred her from distribution by the feminist organisation 'Circles'. Eels are revealed among the bedsheets. 5 mins.

On the Spent and Silent Sand. An 8 mm film by Dennis Dracup. In it, a remarkable reflection captures a mournful seascape. 4 mins.

False Premises. A video by Tanya Ury. The growth of a house is contrasted with the growth of a woman. 25 mins.

I wanna be your Favourite Bee. A video by Philippe Dorain and Serge Comte evoking the urges of spring. 3 mins.

Poets of Obscurity. Huang Xiuqi, distinguished scholar of Chinese modernism, reads the abstract poems of this group of writers who surfaces in China in 1979. Many are now in exile. Disregarding established convention, they aroused heated dispute among poets and critics. 5 mins.

Over Enkele Ogenblikken. "In a few moments' time", a 16 mm film by Dutch filmmaker Wineke Van Muiswinkel. Here the home travels by rail. 13 mins.

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