Grey Suit #6

Issue 6 summer 1994

Search. A silent video by Pat Naldi and Wendy Kirkup of a synchronised walk through Newcastle observed by 16 police-operated 24 hour surveillance cameras. 8 mins.

Spleen. Paris-based artist Yann Nguyen Minh returns with a lavish and erotic video which pays homage to Charles Baudelaire. 3 mins.

Single Space. A performance by Mehmet Sander: a Turkish dancer living in Los Angeles. In response to a more fatal condition, his strictly formal energy astounds us as he defies being braced in a frame. 4 mins.

The Loose Joints of Performance Writing. A meditation by our opinions editor, Caroline Bergvall, who uses performance to extend her texts. 8 mins.

Red Shovel. An impressionist, near abstract, 16 mm film by Iowa-based artist Leighton Pierce, shot by the verge of a roadside which it transforms with Turneresque luminosity. 9 mins.

Orgy. A performance flashed out of the dark by Gavin McGrath: the maximum excitement is generated by the most minimal means. 8 mins.

Thread of Voice. A 16 mm film by sound poetry group Arf Arf, working in Europe and Australia since 1985. "We do not concentrate on any one medium as we are specifically interested in how a  particular medium can be transported into another one." 19 mins.

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